We specialize in custom installation and lighting installation design, and can handle any size job, big or small, including our new electrical car chargers!

What's included with electric car charger installation service?

Local codes may require permits or inspections, not included in estimate
Full inspection of all equipment prior to installation
Site inspection to ensure electric car charger installation is in accordance with manufacturer specifications
Installation of EVSE equipment
Start-up inspection to verify electric car charger is functioning properly

Why do I need a professional for electric car charger installation?

A pro will have the right tools and experience to quickly, correctly, and safely complete an electric car charger installation the first time. They can determine whether your current electrical service is capable of handling the increased load, or if additional capacity is required to complete the electric car charger installation. Local codes may require permits and inspections to be carried out on your EVSE installation. Installing residential EVSE may require changes to the home’s electrical wiring and prompt selecting different utility electricity rates.

What parts are required for electric car charger installation?

The charging station isn't included in this service, though your pro may be able to recommend which charging station best fits your needs. A dedicated 40 amp 240 volt outlet with 8 AWG wire will be required for most stations. When the service provider arrives to install your station he will be able to properly evaluate whether your wiring is capable of powering your new station. Old wiring going to the garage might need to be replaced, and longer distances can come with a nominal increase in the size and cost of the cable that runs to the charger.

What happens next with my electric car charger installation?

You'll get an email from your pro to confirm the date, time, the type of charger you require for electric car charger installation, and other details. Please reply with any special requests, issues, or other important info the pro may need to know, such as where you intend to park the vehicle and the location of your electrical service equipment.

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